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The following terms and conditions apply at The Rectory.


When booking meals in advance it is important to realise that our menus change seasonally. Bookings made in advance may be subject to menu alterations, we may therefore substitute equivalent items depending on the menu in operation at the time of the meal, this applies even for preordered meals. If the menu available has substantially changed between the time of booking and the actual date of the event either party will have the option to cancel the booking and monies will be refunded.

Pre-ordered meals must be ordered at the time of confirming a booking. A pre-order must include guest names alongside their complete selections to allow for efficient service (not just a list of totals). We will not accept any booking that isn’t accompanied by a full preorder if requested.

Deposits and payments made in advance are non-refundable in the event of cancellation or reduction in numbers. If the booked number of guests do not arrive then their deposits will be forfeited and cannot be reallocated.

Parties must be seated at the time stated on your confirmation email as meals will be served at the time agreed. We are not able to hold any table beyond the booked time. Failure to be seated on time may result in the booking being forfeited along with all deposit or balance payments already made. Please advise all your guests to arrive early!

No type of table confetti is permitted to be used under any circumstances (it stains the tables).

All drinks served at the table will be included on the final table bill and will be subject to the mandatory table service charge of 10%.

Tables will be presented with one bill for payment at the end of the meal, separate bills cannot be provided. No discount vouchers are valid with large table bookings.

When payment is by credit card, full payment is required from a single card (not separate individual payments). All bills include a 10% service charge that is payable for all tables of more than 6 people.

Payment will be required for the total number of meals booked, regardless of the number that actually dine, unless we are advised of a change in numbers before the table is seated.

Meals during December

Details of additional requirements are contained within the booking information for December meals. Full payment, including service charge, must be made by the start of the last full week of November. It is a requirement for the booking that a full preorder for all tables shall be provided to us by the start of the last full week of November.


All offers are subject to alteration or cancellation without notice. Offers are subject to the restrictions advised at the time of issue or contained on the voucher.

Using a voucher or offer implies acceptance of all terms and conditions attached to its use. Vouchers remain the property of The Rectory. We reserve the right to refuse service or admission without reason. Offers and products are subject to availability, we may substitute items of equal value as necessary. No voucher can be used in conjunction with any other voucher, offer or discount. Before using a voucher or offer you are advised to check beforehand that it is acceptable. Discount vouchers cannot be used on set price menus, special menus or seasonal menus. Vouchers have no cash value and no change can be given for part-used vouchers. All vouchers are valid until the date shown on the voucher or for 1 month after issue if not specified on the voucher.


Applies to cocktails listed on display at the bar. Promotion not in operation during Christmas period starting the last full week in November.


All bookings are taken subject to the terms set out below. In making a booking the hirer confirms understanding and acceptance of all of these terms.

Bookings are only confirmed on payment of the required deposit. Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Payment of the balance and for any buffet is required at least 21 days before the event. Bookings will be confirmed by us by email. The published charges and requirements in operation at the time of booking will apply, regardless of any subsequent changes to charges or requirements. A different tariff is published for parties in the weeks up to Christmas.

Bookings are taken on the expectation and assurance by the hirer that the minimum number of guests will attend. We encourage responsible drinking and retain the right to refuse service. The hirer accepts responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to The Rectory during the event due to the acts or omissions of themselves or their guests, and accepts that reasonable payment may be requested.

The maximum capacity of our two rooms combined is 120 people. This maximum is enforced for licensing requirements and the safety and comfort of guests, we will not allow this maximum to be exceeded. Minimum numbers apply for events on Fridays, Saturdays and other premium days, the minimum number refers to numbers of adult guests. Our private rooms are accessed only via the spiral staircase, the hirer must consider this access restriction before booking. Children are allowed in the function room during an event but not in other areas of The Rectory. Children must be under the constant supervision and control of a parent or guardian. No-one under 18 is permitted to purchase or drink alcohol and no-one can purchase alcohol on their behalf.  We operate the Challenge 25 policy, people without recognised proof of age will not be served and may be requested to leave. We do not hold 18th or 21st birthday events, children’s birthday parties, events where tickets are sold, events for commercial gain, or events specifically aimed at children. We reserve the right to refuse a booking.  A single event will generally last no longer than 5 hours. Our charges are based on this duration, longer events may be possible in some circumstances but will incur charges. The normal end time of an evening event is midnight. Extensions to this will be at the manager’s sole discretion and are subject to additional charges.

Any buffet will be delivered at a pre-arranged time and any food remaining will be removed for disposal after one hour to comply with food safety requirements. No part of the buffet to be taken away for consumption off the premises. Only food provided by The Rectory can be available. The only exception would be for an individual cake such as a birthday or wedding cake. No other cakes, sweets, snacks or other food items can be brought in.

If a DJ is used this must be agreed by us at the time of booking. A DJ will require their own equipment, we recommend DJs to get in touch with us before an event to discuss things like access requirements and equipment. The room does have noise limiters, meaning that if the noise levels go above a certain level the power is cut to the music. DJs will need to have up to date electrical safety certificates for all the equipment they intend to bring and show us evidence of this. Equipment such as smoke machines cannot be used under any circumstances. All equipment must be removed at the end of the event and not left overnight. For a simple alternative an iPod can be used on our system. In any case we need to know what is planned in advance so that the all the technical settings can be done in advance.

No decorations can be attached to the walls, door frames or mirrors at all because of the damage that can be done to those surfaces. No blu-tac, sticky tape or pins can be used. Free-standing balloons and other free standing decorations are allowed. We can’t allow the use of any table confetti - this permanently stains the tables when it gets wet. If you need to decorate the room before the party you must agree access times with us beforehand as early access is not always possible. Any decorations or other items left over after the room has been vacated will be disposed of. Damage caused by decorations may result in, although may not be limited to, all or part of a deposit being forfeited.